The Cannabis Career Fair


Come join dozens of employers and hundreds of job seekers at the Cannabis Career & Job Fair Hosted by Bloom Farms taking place at the New West Summit in the Marriott City Center, East Hall, on Sun October 15th 11-4pm.

Work with the people you really want.

Bloom Farms’ Cannabis Career & Job Fair is one of the only recruiting events that truly caters to the cannabis industry. Since participating in the last two fairs, we’ve hired four qualified and quality applicants to our team.
Mistie Jung
Harborside Health Center HR Recruiter

One of the fastest growing industries in the US.

Over the next five years, it is anticipated that the cannabis industry will grow to $20 billion, creating job opportunities in all sorts of related markets like hydroponics, agriculture, lighting, and quality control. Bloom Farms is focused on strengthening the medical cannabis industry, fortifying industry growth, and forging deeper alliances by bringing like-minded people together to create a true cannabis community.

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New West Summit 3.0 comes to Oakland for a bigger, brighter experience in one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in the world.

John Perricone

New York, NY, USA
Founder & CEO, Double Clef Management

Mr. Perricone is the founder and CEO of Double Clef Management (DCM) a consulting and management firm that offers expertise across multiple disciplines in the cannabis industry. DCM works with cannabis companies all over the planet that are looking for guidance, funding, business development, and operational cannabis know-how.

DCM has been heavily involved with cannabis genetics and is well-versed in the breakthroughs in fingerprinting the DNA of individual strains, identifying and activating specific cannabinoids to promote specific medical and health benefits, and in creating a master database of genetics that are identifiable for creating superior genetics.

In 2002, Mr. Perricone moved to the mountains of Southern Humboldt. During over fifteen years of experience, he mastered virtually every type of indoor and outdoor growing techniques, eventually combining indoor and outdoor techniques to create a fully automated system in a state-of-the-art marijuana cultivation facility that is considered the industry standard today.

In 2014, Perricone founded a local chapter of California Cannabis Voice Humboldt (CCVH), a political action committee (PAC). Mr. Perricone raised over $100,000 to fund the PAC, which organized and ran stakeholder meetings with local law enforcement, lawyers, politicians, environmentalists and building and planning department experts to draft the ordinance that is now used to regulate the legal cannabis industry in Humboldt County.

With John’s deep level of experience and time spent in the field he is a perfect choice for purpose-driven for panels and keynotes on genetics, cannabis activism and advocacy, and navigating the complex issues in cannabis investment and operations in the industry today. 

Derek Riedle

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Founder & Publisher, Civilized

We are Civilized, a digital lifestyle publication that aims to elevate the conversation on cannabis culture. Our content reflects the diverse interests of the millions of motivated, productive people who enjoy cannabis recreationally. We are an informative and entertaining resource for people who use cannabis, who believe in regulated, responsible use, or who are simply interested in a good story. Our team of journalists, researchers, writers, techies, marketers and salespeople are headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada and Los Angeles, California.

Charles Rutherford

Wayzata, MN, USA
Business Development Director, Boveda Inc.

I was a medical cannabis skeptic until 2013 when I was hit on my motorcycle by a careless driver, resulting in amputation of my left foot. Not wanting to take higher opiate dosages to relieve the daily unwanted companion of phantom limb pain, I reluctantly turned to cannabis and quickly became a believer. My cannabis conversion is what informs all our efforts and attention in cannabis over the other markets we've operated for 20 years. In order to help deliver products for cannabis curing, storage and merchandising, we're doing first-of-its-kind testing around the country to compile data on what humidity level different states/regions prefer for cannabis they consider "perfect". That kind of intelligence will help cultivators/dispensaries understand the wants of their patients/customers in order to deliver a consistent flower experience every time.

Coral Grayson

Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Founder, Coral Reefer

As written by the Shorty Awards "Coral Reefer is working to rebrand the traditional pot smoker image from hippie to hip, and from male to female. Packing social media with all things cannabis, Coral Reefer invites the online community to be a “world reefer,” talking pot-centric politics and reefer recipes on YouTube with over 10 million channel views, and joining for #stoneysunday wake-and-bake Periscope live streams. With thousands of subscribers regularly tuning in to watch @CoralReefer420 take dabs while melting glass into fish, Coral helps to foster an all-gender weed-smoking community with fun-loving spirit and educated advocacy."

Tracy Ryan

CEO, Canna Kids

Tracy Ryan is the CEO and lead consultant for CannaKids, a California based cooperative with a focus on supplying medical cannabis oil to adults and children looking for holistic relief for serious health conditions, specializing in pediatric cancer. Since her infant daughter’s brain tumor diagnosis in 2013, Tracy has dedicated her life to educating herself on the medicinal powers of medical marijuana. Tracy has worked on a global scale with families who are seeking education, and treatment options for their loved ones, and has guided many patients to unheard of success. CannaKids is now on a trajectory to be one of the world’s leaders for cannabinoid therapies based on scientific research and is in collaboration with some of the top researchers, doctors, and hospitals in the world. With a true passion for clinical research, Tracy has successfully secured a relationship with the Technion Institute in Israel who are leading the way in cannabis research for cancer. CannaKids is in the planning phase with a major California hospital and is expected to start in-hospital clinical trials on pediatric patients this year. Tracy is also the Vice Chair for the Women’s Grow LA Chapter, and as a public speaker, can be found speaking at medical cannabis and pediatric cancer events all over the world in her quest to educate the mass public on the power of this incredible plant. In addition, the Ryan family is the key focus of the Abby Epstein and Ricki Lake documentary, "Weed the People", releasing next year. They have also been featured in many national and international news pieces including,, Vice News, Entertainment Tonight, and many more. As an educator, activist, and self-proclaimed “Momcologist”, it is Tracy's mission to uncover the mysteries behind this plant in hopes to formulate disease specific cannabinoid formulations for patients of all ages.

Frenchy Cannoli

Master Hashishin

Traveling to distant places in the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s, my travels brought me to different hashish producing countries where I did most of my studies on Cannabis resin with local Hashishins who had been practicing their art for generations. I realize today how much trust and respect was given to the clueless but eager youth I was. I shared the life of local farmers from North Africa to the feet of the Himalayas in India and Nepal with only my passion for Cannabis resin to open doors. The knowledge and experience of resin processing learned in those countries has helped me develop a deep appreciation for the plant, for traditional techniques and more importantly an understanding of the inherent value of specific regions to the uniqueness and quality of certain Cannabis resins. A long time later, after a series of extended adventures in Japan and Thailand as a designer I finally settled down in California, a coincidence that was to redefine my life. I had never been truly conscious of the medicinal potential of the Cannabis plant until meeting patients in California, however I have always been aware of the mental well being and general health of Cannabis farmers and consumers in producing countries. This full awareness brought a new dimension to my dedication to this plant and with the legalization of medical cannabis I was able to share my passion for the traditional techniques I learned in producing countries where its benefits have been understood and used to heal and inspired for tens of thousands of years. I am Aficionado Estates official Hashishin. Aficionado is possibly the first seed company positioning its marketing strategy and the quality control of its breeding program on resin. This working relationship mirrors the relationship b.

Jared Mirsky

Greater Seattle Area , WA, USA
Founder & CEO, Online Marijuana Design

Born in Mountain View, California and raised in the town of Monroe, Washington Mirsky was instilled with the entrepreneurial spirit by his parents, each of whom, own their own businesses. After graduating from Monroe High School he went to work for his father, who owned multiple Gold’s Gyms in southern California at the time, and it was there that Mirsky began to understand what kind of man he wanted to become. At the age of nineteen, he stopped working for his father and decided to start his own business. The artistic side that seemed to always have been present was now flourishing in the world of graphic design. With a great deal of hard work, the wisdom to surround himself with the right people, and the mentorship of an old friend Mirsky’s business grew rapidly, eventually leading to numerous connections in the cannabis industry. The Huffington Post featured Mirsky in an article that appeared in August of 2013, leading to a massive influx of new customers. He quickly recognized that there was a niche market in Seattle that was being overlooked, which gave birth to a new company called Online Marijuana Design; a branding agency specializing in companies that grow and distribute cannabis products. Jared’s ability to recognize a need in the cannabis industry is his greatest asset and with almost eight years of experience, he knew that the world of branding in the cannabis industry was virtually limitless. As it turns out, he was absolutely right; Online Marijuana Design quickly became the largest cannabis branding agency in the world. Since 2013 Mirsky and his companies have been featured in over eleven magazines including CNN Money, Geekwire, WeWork, Dope Magazine, NW Leaf Magazine, Leafly, Cashinbis, and most recently in the top 40 under 40 for Marijuana Venture Magazine and Dope Magazine Award Winner for Best Cannabis Design Firm, but for Jared the greatest achievement in his life is his son.

Alan Brochstein

Houston, TX, USA
Founder, 420 Investor and New Cannabis Ventures

Based in Houston, Alan leverages his experience as founder of online community 420 Investor, the first and still largest due diligence platform focused on the publicly-traded stocks in the cannabis industry. With his extensive network in the cannabis community, Alan continues to find new ways to connect the industry and facilitate its sustainable growth. At New Cannabis Ventures, he is responsible for content development and strategic alliances. Before shifting his focus to the cannabis industry in early 2013, Alan, who began his career on Wall Street in 1986, worked as an independent research analyst following over two decades in research and portfolio management. A prolific writer, with over 650 articles published since 2007 at Seeking Alpha, where he has 70,000 followers, Alan is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and a frequent source to the media, including the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, and Bloomberg TV.

Mr Leslie Bocskor

Las Vegas, NV, USA
Founder & President, Electrum Partners

Leslie Bocskor with his advisory firm Electrum Partners, and fund, The Electrum Fund, is leading the evolving discussion around policy, entrepreneurship, and investment in the cannabis industry, nationally and internationally. As founding chairman of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association, and with his far-reaching Wall Street background, he’s helping design the models for cannabis industry investment, business and regulation, as Nevada did with gaming. Whether it's big pharma’s long tail or first-mover investors taking advantage of early opportunity, Bocskor's insights and influence have made him the trusted expert and revered pundit on getting in and getting out of cannabis investments successfully.

Katina Morales

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Founder & CEO, Betty Khronic

I am the Founder and CEO of Betty Khronic, the company that specializes in Cannabis Vegan Energy Bars. I was a collegiate distance runner, and before I entered the cannabis industry, I was a distance coach intern for the NCAA. Inspired by my passion for fitness, I designed and released a line of organic raw vegan cannabis infused energy bars under the company, Betty Khronic. Determined to eliminate the negative stigma and stereotypes that are tied to being a cannabis user, I strive to set high standards on how business is conducted in the cannabis industry. My company services over 35 accounts through out the state, and will continue to expand and release new products through out 2017. All of my sources come from other local and small business' that I support through out the state of California. I have collaborated with different fitness groups through out southern California and the Bay area to educate active individuals on cannabis use. Including yoga studios, hiking groups, and cycle groups. My mission is to educate individuals on the benefits of using cannabis as part of a healthy balanced lifestyle. As the sole owner of Betty Khronic, I don't want to be congratulated for being a minority female entrepreneur. I want to be known for my high standards in business ethics, and my compassion to help others in need feel better. I make a high quality, nutritious, vegan, no sugar added, gluten free, product as organic as the plant itself and I sell it a price every one could afford, because I believe everyone should have access to organic food and medicine.

Michael Ray

SF Bay Area, CA, USA
Executive Director, Bloom Farms 

Michael Ray was born in San Francisco and raised in the Sierra Foothill Mountains on his family ranch known as Bloom Farms. He is a cannabis advocate, lobbyist for social change, and entrepreneur with a passion for technology and design. In 1999, Michael moved to New York City to start his career on Wall Street. By 2001 he was one of the youngest and most successful traders at his firm. But Michael tired of the “money first” mentality of Wall Street and decided to return to California and the farm he grew up on -- a place with new and unique business opportunities thanks to the development of the legal cannabis industry. There was a social revolution occurring on the West Coast and Michael found himself on the doorstep of a perfect opportunity to create a uniquely universal cannabis product. By focusing less on high potency and more on high quality, Michael and Bloom Farms’ Highlighter vapor products found success with experienced and novice cannabis consumers, alike.

As the Executive Director at Bloom Farms, Michael oversees the day-to-day operations. Bloom Farms’ first priority is to make consistently high-quality cannabis products that are available for medical cannabis patients throughout California. Michael also oversees Bloom Farms’ 1-for-1 program: with every product purchased, Bloom Farms donates one meal to a food-insecure family in California. Bloom Farms has donated over 250,000 meals to food banks throughout California in 2016 Michael has a passion for community, and since becoming a cannabis entrepreneur, he has worked with industry leaders, regulators and community leaders to legalize, regulate and legitimize California’s medical cannabis industry.

Aaron Justis

Greater Los Angeles Area, CA, USA
President, Buds & Roses

Aaron Justis is the President of Buds & Roses, a premier Los Angeles Cannabis retailer serving customers and the community since 2006, and is a recognized thought leader in the Cannabis industry. At Buds & Roses, Aaron’s goal is, quite simply, to create the ultimate cannabis shopping experience for new and experienced cannabis users. This means consistently cultivating, sourcing and retailing only the safest and highest quality cannabis products available on the market. Further, Buds & Roses takes great care to employ highly-trained, certified, and knowledgeable staff to individually understand and meet the needs of its valued customers.

Since 2010 Aaron and the Buds & Roses team have been recognized for their efforts with consistent customer and revenue growth, as well as being the proud recipients of 26 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup awards. Aaron takes immense pride in the personal relationships that he has forged over the years with his team, customers, suppliers, members of his local community, and those advancing the safe and responsible use of cannabis nationally and internationally.

As an impassioned trailblazer in the industry, Aaron has made a personal commitment to be an instrumental and educational voice at the local, state, federal and global levels for cannabis users, advocates, and industry players everywhere. As part of this commitment, Aaron holds leadership roles as an active board member of the National Cannabis Industry Association, the California Cannabis Industry Association, and the Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance.

Steve DeAngelo

Oakland, CA, USA
Executive Director, Harborside

Steve DeAngelo is a national cannabis leader who has inspired millions throughout his four decade career as a cannabis activist, advocate, entrepreneur and educator. Driven by his compassion for others, Steve has founded many successful socially responsible ventures including Harborside Health Center, the largest medical marijuana dispensary in the world. Steve is also Co-founder and President of the Arcview Group, a company formed to introduce investors to the cannabis community, and vice versa. To attract the best, brightest and most motivated entrepreneurs and investors for the next innovative American industry, Steve and his staff operate the Arcview Angel Investor Network. Steve believes cannabis is medicine and that it should be used to further personal wellness and not be used as an intoxicant. As an accomplished speaker, Steve DeAngelo can be found at events and conferences around the world inspiring others through his work. His unique sense of style, his commitment to his community and his passion for cannabis make him both a role model and a pop cultural icon.

Dr Allen Miller

Greater Los Angeles Area, CA, USA
President, Applied Industrial Solutions

Allen Miller worked his way through college as a bodyguard for numerous celebrities, including Dinah Shore and Farrah Fawcett as well as the owners of Herbalife. As a bodyguard and an avid horseman, Allen was no stranger to injury, breaking numerous bones on more than one occasion. With this experience Allen decided to seek a career as a chiropractor and specialized in Sports & Industrial Medicine. Dr. Miller spent 10 years on the Track & Field Circuit in the US, Africa and Europe treating elite athletes. His career culminated when he was invited to be a team doctor for the 1992 and again for the 1996 Olympic Games. Dr. Miller was Expert Advisor on Biokinetic and Human Performance Optimization at Carnegie Mellon University. For the last 20 years Dr. Miller works with several nationwide companies and their insurance companies as a forensic injury expert and soft tissue injury treatment specialist. Dr. Miller is now President of Applied Industrial Solutions as Worker’s Compensation cost Containment & Cannabis Expert. Dr. Miller has approved by several workers compensation insurance companies to utilize Cannabis products to treat chronic pain and opioid addiction.

Linn Baumgardt

Seattle, WA, USA
Director of Strategic Initiatives, Privateer Holdings

Linn Baumgardt is the Director of Strategic Initiatives for Privateer Holdings, overseeing the expansion of their diverse brand portfolio into the world’s most promising cannabis markets. Linn’s creativity, strategic mindset, and willingness to push boundaries have been invaluable in establishing Leafly as the fastest-growing privately-held company in the Pacific Northwest. This year, Linn’s efforts are focused on bringing Leafly and Tilray to Germany, the world’s second-largest healthcare market.

In her previous role as Director of Marketing for Leafly, Linn helped to elevate the cannabis industry by breaking down barriers and partnering with mainstream companies like Pandora and Twitter. By analyzing market trends and legislation around the world, she created a custom algorithm that has become the standard for how Leafly approaches new regions and global markets. Prior to Leafly, Linn worked with companies such as Microsoft and the Discovery Channel and consulted for clients such as Amazon, Sprint, and Redbox.

Robby Flannery

SF Bay Area, CA, USA
CEO, Dr Robb Farms

Dr. Robby Flannery earned his PhD in Plant Biology with an emphasis in Environmental Horticulture and a specific expertise in hydroponic crop optimization for cut-flower production from UC Davis. In other words, Dr. Flannery was technically trained to grow Cannabis from the #1 Plant Sciences University on the planet. He worked under the tutelage of Dr. Heiner Lieth and advised commercial flower growers producing crops ranging from roses and Gerber daisies to Cannabis. After providing grow recommendations, it was suggested that he get involved in Cannabis production since his PhD research specialized in the optimization of hydroponic, cut-flower production. The uncanny match of Dr. Flannery’s expertise and an absence of scientific research in Cannabis production finally caught up with him when he accepted a position as the Production Director of SPARC in San Francisco. During his time at SPARC, Dr. Flannery oversaw the launch and management of cultivation sites, where he set up horticultural practices that are standard in non-Cannabis commercial grows but are wholly absent in the Cannabis industry. He sits on the Board of Advisors for Salveo Capital, a VC firm investing in the ancillary space for the Cannabis industry. He sits on the Ag Committee for CCIA. Dr. Flannery was recently asked by the Dean of Ag Science at UC Davis to act as a panelist for an advisory council meeting to address Cannabis research needs. He actively works with Cannabis farmers to promote clean cultivation practices to eliminate the use of harmful chemicals for Cannabis production.

Additionally, Dr. Flannery was an All-American and Academic All-American college athlete, who is very interested in using Cannabis as a therapeutic tool for athletes. It wasn't until he suffered an L4/L5 herniated disc that required surgery (likely as a result of being an athlete for much of his life) that he discovered how useful of a medicine Cannabis is. I have spoken on cultivation practices as the Cannabis cultivation expert in front of local regulators & legislators on what to expect in a post-legalization world on several occassions. These presentations were more like lectures with a Q&A section at the end. I annually lead a lecture at UC Davis in front ~300 students about Cannabis. I was personally asked by the Dean of Ag Sciences at UCD to act as a panelist for an advisory council meeting to discuss Cannabis research.

Swami Chaitanya

Mendocino , CA, USA
Founder, Swami Select

Swami Select founder, Swami Chaitanya, aka “The Swami of Pot” (Rolling Stone Magazine), is a radical classical: he started his life as an East Coast academic and now in his early seventies is a West Coast Cannabis Holy Man. A self-described "original hippy," Swami moved to San Francisco in 1967. Having spent much of life living in India, South America, and Europe. Swami's now settled in the heart of the Emerald Triangle: Mendocino County, California. One of the first cultivators to come out of the shadows and brand themselves, Swami Select has been hailed as the "Dom Perignon of Cannabis" by VICE News. Swami Select's commitment to quality flower is rooted in its commitment to the planet. Swami Select grows sungrown cannabis using regenerative farming methods and is Clean Green Certified.

Steve Albarran

Palo Alto, CA, USA
CEO & Co-Founder, Confident Cannabis

Steve is CEO and Co-Founder of Confident Cannabis, an online B2B platform powered by the largest real-time database of legal cannabis in the world. Confident Cannabis serves thousands of cannabis producers, retailers and laboratories across the country, growing over 50% per month. Confident Cannabis was founded in 2015 when Steve and his co-founders were graduate students at Stanford University.

Prior to co-founding Confident Cannabis, Steve founded Left Lane Capital Partners, a growth equity investment firm focused on the health and wellness industry. Prior to Left Lane, Steve held various roles in private equity and investment banking firms in New York City.