Crystal Ortiz

Board Member International Cannabis Farmers Association Co-Chair WCC Women Cultivating Community, Founder, High Water Farm

Chrystal Ortiz is a permaculture gardener, founding member of High Water Farm and educator. Before moving full time into advocacy and running her own farm, she was the Operations Manager at True Humboldt, a premium sun grown cannabis brand supported by The Humboldt Sun Growers Guild. Chrystal is active in the Humboldt County cannabis community and works diligently to help build a regulated cannabis industry that promotes healthy, safe communities and the highest environmental standards. She believes that California has the unique ability to have a regulated cannabis industry that supports the economy of rural areas while protecting its natural resources.

It is this vision that has inspired her to join the board of the International Cannabis Farmers Association. The ICFA is a group of stakeholders and scientists committed to traditional sun grown farming practices. Chrystal is also proud of her volunteer work with #WomenCultivatingCommunity, an economic development think tank that focuses on creating business opportunities for women.

Between her full time career, countless volunteer projects and too many late nights reading regulations, somehow she has managed to stay happily married to her ocean loving husband. They have two wonderful kids, two farm dogs, a cat, a rabbit, and seasonally borrow 22 sheep. To learn more about some of the projects Chrystal is involved in, email her at or visit, and #womencultivatingcommunity on Instagram.

Matthew Greene

New York, NY, USA
CEO & Founder, Edible Science, LLC

Matt Greene has spent his entire career in the marketing, advertising and AdTech industry. His fascination with technology began in 1987 while working with his client Steve Jobs in developing the launch strategies for NeXT Computers. Starting in 1998, Matt pioneered online advertising and supporting technologies for the digital ad agency he founded, Blue Ribbon Digital, where his team drove innovation across all aspects of digital media - from Search to Mobile and Video, his agency measurably generated over $2BB in revenues for their Fortune 100 clients. In this capacity, Matt has spoken at leading conferences such as AdTech, iMedia Summits and the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA. Starting in 2015, Matt re-focused his energies on the burgeoning cannabis industry knowing that the need for innovation in technologies to support the industry would be mandatory. With his his new company, Edible Sciences, he and his team on concentrating their energies in solving the #1 problem facing the edibles sector: Dosing Accuracy. He will be speaking at Binghampton University's TIER Talks in SEPT '17 on technology innovations occurring in the cannabis ancillary space.

Brett Finkelstein

Boca Raton, FL
Managing Director, Phyto Partners LP

Brett is an experienced executive, venture capital and private equity investor and advisor. He has partnered with, worked with and developed key relationships with numerous premier private equity, investment banks, and venture capital companies. As one of the founders of Phyto Partners LP, Brett’s fundamental ambition for the company’s stakeholders is to creatively apply his unique resources of extensive operating skills, certainty to close, access to capital, extensive network of resources and relentless pursuit of excellence to facilitate a more super-charged evolution for enterprises we fund, launch, and maintain activist roles in. For the powerhouse companies we invest in, advise, and or buy we will be providing more investment value and a comfort level for our financial capital partners, as well as our portfolio companies that join us. Phyto Partners LP was profiled in Forbes as one of the leaders in the cannabis industry. Phyto has invested in half of what CB insights profiled as the trailblazers of 2017.